Both scientist and artist, Professor Jean Campbell identifies herself as a member of a harmonious circle of persons who have experienced madness. Dr. Campbell retired as Director of the Program in Consumer Studies and Training and Research Professor in Mental Health at the Missouri Institute of Mental Health, University of Missouri–Saint Louis on January 31, 2014 after three decades bringing voice to persons with lived experience of mental illness. She is currently founder and director of JC Consulting where she heads the National COSP Fidelity Assessment Common Ingredients Tool (FACIT) Project, an effort to introduce consumer-friendly evaluation tools for peer-run programs and establish continuous quality improvement processes to enhance recovery outcomes.

Dr. Campbell is best known for her leadership as principle investigator of the Coordinating Center for the Consumer-Operated Services Program (COSP) Multisite Research Initiative from 1998-2006. The COSP Research Initiative is the largest study of consumer-operated programs ever conducted. It established that consumers who participate in peer-run programs as an adjunct to traditional mental health services significantly increase their wellbeing, including hope, empowerment, meaning in life, goal attainment and self-efficacy. Based on this work, SAMHSA recognized peer-run programs as an evidence-based practice and subsequently published the Consumer-Operated Services Evidence-based Practices KIT in 2011.

. Link to Professor Campbell’s Factual Record and curriculum vitae here.

Dr. Jean Campbell can be contacted at:

JC Consulting

(314) 255-8893 (office)

Email:, or on her Facebook page

Rita Adkins, MPA, has over 18 years of experience in mental health services research and project management.  Ms. Adkins was the Project Manager for the Consumer-Operated Services Program Coordinating Center, supervising development of the COSP data warehouse and the subsequent public domain database and data dictionary. She is currently the PI for the evaluation of the ER Enhancement project in Missouri, designed to decrease Emergency Room visits by increasing access to Community Mental Health Centers for people seeking help for behavioral health conditions.  For questions related to the COSP database, she may be contacted at:

The Center for Research and Evaluation

Missouri Institute of Mental Health

(314) 516-8454 (Office); (314) 516-8477 (fax)


Kelly Gregory, BA has over 20 years of experience producing media and training experiences for the mental health industry.  Mr. Gregory helped produce the video, graphics and this website for the Consumer-Operated Services Program.  He is still currently creating education and other training media and experiences for MIMH’s Prevention, Outreach and Professional Education Center.


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